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King's Women Panel to Feature at BritGrad 2021

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

The KW team are pleased to have had a panel accepted for this year's BritGrad conference. 'Offstage Players: Discovering the King's Women' will introduce the project via three papers. Jodie Smith will present exciting new material on Elizabeth Smart, whose marriage to Henry Condell brought him wealth, and whose astute management of playhouse shares and other assets during her widowhood saw to her own 'stern will' still being contested more than a quarter of a centrury after her death. Héloïse Sénéchal will discuss Thomasine, daughter of John Heminges and wife of William Ostler, in ''Publicly, by Herself': the Outrage of Thomasine Ostler'. The paper will explore the multiple lawsuits Thomasine was involved in, and will reveal what became of the young mother who sued both her actor father, and the aristocrat who assaulted her. Meryl Faiers will discuss 'The Sisters of Thomasine', drawing together what we know and can infer about the quieter members of the Heminges household, and considering the women within the contexts of their middle-class environment, and through the portraits their father commissioned of them.

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